Meet the Apostle of Destiny

All through history, vessels of God have always had to surmount tedious odds on their path to fulfilling their divine mandate. Indeed, it can be argued that the challenges they overcame reflect the ministry to which they have been called. Victor Chukwuemeka. Uzosike was born to elder Eugene and late deaconess Kate Uzosike on February 11, 1967. While still in the cradle he was faced with challenges that were pointers to the hand of God upon his life.

 Firstly his mother was diagnosed with lung abscess- this meant the young child could not be weaned on his mother’s breast milk. 

Secondly, while grappling with treating the mother, the Nigeria/ Biafra civil war erupted. Few persons therefore gave the child any chances encapsulated in divine destiny. From so early an age, the man of God was exposed to the ravages of sickness and disease, and the terrors of war that bind men in fears and keep them from fulfilling their destinies. Little wonder today he champions medical missions and is fondly called “the apostle of destiny” by the reason of his teachings targeted at ‘helping men discover and fulfill their destinies.’  As he is known to say, ‘the next agenda of God after salvation of mankind is the fulfillment of purposes and destiny 


He began his educational career at St. Bridget’s Primary School, Sapele, which was run by Catholics. His father wanted him eventually to become a Catholic Priest, thereby fulfilling a long cherished family desire. (Papa Eugene’s father had wanted him to become a Catholic priest, but being an only son for a long while, his mother had frowned at the desire). From St. Bridget’s, Victor Uzosike proceeded to St. Malachy’s Collage, another Catholic School.


At a strategic age, of 12 he gave his life to Christ in a School Fellowship and was baptized in the Holy Spirit with the biblical evidence of speaking in tongues, in a fellowship of the Good news Club. But he could not reconcile his  Catholic background with what people said about Pentecostal and Born Again Christians back then, therefore he “escaped’ from the leaders of the fellowship who were trying to make him better understand speaking in tongues. But he was shocked when he visited home about three weeks after his born again experience to discover that his parents were now born-again. His father had been watching Archbishop Idahosa on TV and had an encounter with God. He decided to take the family to visit the church one Sunday, and that’s how God caught them. This happened at about the same time young Uzosike had his own encounter with God at College. In his words, “it was quite astonishing to me that weekend, because I got home and I was taken to the very place I was running from in school” 


In the early 1980’s he joined the Soldiers of Christ Evangelistic Movement, a missionary group, which took the gospel to villages and towns around Jesse area of present day Delta State.                      


In 1987 he was admitted into All Nations for Christ Bible Institute, Benin. After his training at the All Nations for Christ Bible Institute, Benin, he was among those whom the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa asked to stay behind, study and work under him.


He worked in the Crusade department of the Idahosa World Outreach, where he was put in charge of the tape ministry, logistics and pre-planning of crusade. He was also part of the team mandated by the Archbishop to answer phone calls, pray with and counsel the many people who called Archbishop for prayers and counseling from across the world.

Being in charge of the tape ministry, he had to listen to tapes of the Archbishop from 1981, back to back, so as to know them by rote and help advice people on which tapes were needful for different situations of their lives. 


Emulating his mentor and spiritual father, young pastor Uzosike committed himself to preaching in schools, organizing outreaches to villages and revival crusades in Church of God Mission churches in villages around Benin, whenever the Archbishop traveled. According to him, “My work with Archbishop Idahosa was quite personal, nobody knew what I was searching for, but I knew in my heart that I was making a pathway for my future”.



Very early in the 1990’s the man of God began to desire to go into full massive evangelistic work and the Lord began to plant the seeds of Kingdom Gospel Outreach Ministries in his heart. This took off in earnest in 1991 when he officially left the Church of God Mission and headed to Lagos.


But one Tuesday night, after fasting and prayers, God asked him to move to Port Harcourt. He had held crusades in Omoku between 1988 and 1989; and knew a few families and friends in Port Harcourt. One of such families gave him a place to stay, and after a few years, Kingdom Life Gospel Outreach Ministries got its first office in Mile 4 (Rumueme) Port Harcourt, and continued with prayer meetings, outreaches and crusades.


The church arm of the ministry was eventually birthed in 1994 with an initial membership of about 20 adults.


Today Kingdom Life Gospel Church is making impact all over the world. The Man of God has taken the gospel of Christ and recovery of destiny to different parts of Asia, Europe, America and Africa.       


He is an internationally sought conference speaker, host of Hour of Destiny TV Network, Thank God it’s Friday Radio Nigeria programme, president of the prophetic Bible College. The international president/co-ordinator of Spirit Filled International Network of Gospel Ministers and a published writer whose books have been turning lives around in the body of Christ all over the world. He is a recipient of Gospel Legacy Award, for his contributions to the work of the gospel, and is fondly called ‘The Apostle of Destiny; because his teaching is for the transformation of destinies. Says he, “The next agenda in God’s program after the salvation of mankind, is the fulfillment of purpose and destiny… If you believe God has something for you to achieve on earth, the anointing in my life can help you”. He continues to drive the vision of the free medical outreach across Nigeria and Africa that he co-birthed with the late bishop G. Patterson of church of God in Christ, Memphis Tennessee


Dr. Uzosike is married to pastor (Mrs.)   Esther Uzosike, he says of his wife Esther, “Her love for me is overwhelming, and I believe with her by my side there is a lot we can achieve.”


The Uzosike’s are blessed with seven wonderful children, and are spiritual parents to Kingdom Lifers Worldwide.