Uzosike World Outreach Ministries [UWOM]

In Nigeria the church is responsible for the health and welfare of its members. There is no state welfare, no WIC cards, food stamps, Medicaid or any type of aid available to the indigent. In many cases people join the church just so they can get free food and free medical care. Uzosike World Outreach Ministries (UWOM) includes a network of 19 churches, the majority of them in extremely indigent areas of Nigeria. The organization regularly runs free medical missions outreach crusades dispensing medical care, drugs, prayers and healing ministry to the people. Many of these people have lived their entire lives without basic preventive medical care such as blood pressure check, well woman care, or immunizations. It is quite common for a woman to show up at an outreach event seeking medical care for the very first time and is already in the last stages of breast cancer with no option beyond palliative care for the remainder of her life. 


UWOM s’ vision is to provide permanent access to free medical care and basic services as well as vision and dental care in the local communities. To support this vision the organization is building a mission center that includes a 50-bed hospital, a primary school, a church and a parsonage. There is a severe need for many more of these centers as well as widows' centers and housing for visiting missionaries to staff them. 


We recognize there are many churches and religious organizations, as well as private and corporate entities world-wide that are willing and able to do foreign missions but lack the knowledge, skills, expertise, staff and/or organizational skills to launch an effective foreign outreach. The UWOM Foundation will provide an avenue for them to get involved physically, spiritually, and financially to support the work of Uzosike World Outreach Ministries in the following ways:

•Partner with Uzosike World Outreach Ministries to support the current outreach efforts, to furnish and support the mission center currently under construction, and to build, furnish and support additional mission centers in remote areas of Nigeria. 

•Send volunteer medical missionary teams and health care professionals to participate in free medical missions outreach crusades dispensing medical care, drugs, prayers and healing ministry to the people in remote areas of Nigeria.

•Staff the mission center with volunteers aligned to go to Nigeria for a one-month tour each year. Each center to have 12 teams scheduled each year with overlapping weeks so teams can “pass the baton” to the next team and the centers are always staffed. 

•Organize clergy teams, social workers and administrative volunteers to minister to the spiritual and social needs of the beneficiaries as they come for medical care.

•Organize skilled laborers, craftsmen and artisans to teach their arts and crafts to the local population, with a particular focus on the widows, to provide them with tools to produce an income to support themselves and their families. 

•Provide food and clothing for the widows and their children until they become self-supporting

Uzosike World Outreach Ministries aims at sharing the love of God to others by reaching out with free medical treatment to those who cannot afford it. This has proven to be a very effective tool for evangelism and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ as souls are won in the process.